Our vision

Instead of struggling with modern technology, relax and have a conversation about your challenges with someone who knows what you’re experiencing and will help you get it done without stress and with a focus on what you need with utmost honesty and patience.



Whether repairing, upgrading, installing, consulting, OS, Windows, recovering a lost password, new or old applications, no matter the software issue you may rest easy knowing there is a solution.


If you have questions or issues about PCs, laptops, video adapters, memory, hard drives, motherboards, flash drives, switches, keyboards, CPU, optical drives, old, new, you’re in good hands.


Connectivity is the order of the day in our technological world. Wireless or wired, home environment or business, consulting, troubleshooting, or implementation, simple or complex, you’re covered. 

the story

In 1991, Doug Blakely began to get questions from friends and family about what he knew about computers. The answer was.. a lot!

He made visits to their homes and businesses, addressing their issues. In no time at all, people were calling from far and wide seeking advice and help. Since then, the little consulting business got busier and Mr. Blakely got very occupied! As a result, he has amassed an enormous amount of experience and knowledge about all sorts of technology and enjoys helping people. 

Call (918) 341-2299. Ask a question, have a conversation about almost any kind of Tech. You’ll discover why so many have made Doug their go-to source.

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