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Custom Built Computer Systems


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    Repairing and rebuilding every brand of computer over 20 years gives you a unique perspective about what makes a quality, reliable computer (what doesn’t)

    All computer builders use parts made by the same handful of manufacturers. To get the price down, the big box companies get “deals” on parts that don’t quite make the grade for anything longer than a year warranty. In contrast, we use  premium stuff which gives you a much longer warranty coverage direct from the manufacturer. CPUs-3 years, Hard Drives up to 5 years, lifetime warranty on memory and so forth.

    That gives you a reliable, but still cost-effective computer system! If you have questions or problems before OR after the purchase, you talk to the person who built the machine (who speaks ENGLISH). You can use our on-line support too!

    There are so many variables in the level of performance, but we narrow it down to two basic groups: the Value System and the Über Gamer system. Now, that does not mean that you can’t play games with a Value System, or use the Über Gamer for everything else. Of course you can.

    If your main focus is on cutting-edge 3D gaming, you should look at the Über Gamer. For everyone else, the Value System can be configured to handle any task you can imagine. Both systems have a HUGE range of customization available. Questions? Contact Us.

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