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Free support is included with the purchase of any computer system (assistance in using your equipment and software). For the first year, there is no charge for telephone support. After this period, we only charge for issues that require more than a few minutes to solve.

During the warranty period you may receive support directly by calling or by visiting our web site. Free telephone support is provided up to a total of 1 full hour in any given month. After that, there is a fee for telephone support. Call for rates (918) 519-7113

During the warranty period, support for Microsoft Windows software pre-installed on your computer is provided without charge for 30 days beginning on the day of the first incident. This assumes that your Windows software was pre-installed on the computer you purchased from us. Free Windows support is not included if we reinstalled Windows which you purchased elsewhere. In that case, contact the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Microsoft also provides for-fee support for Windows issues. Contact them for rates.

  • No other software support is offered other than the above. We refer you to the author(s) of the particular software you are using for support.
  • Please note that not every problem has a direct solution. Liability is limited by the license of the author of the software.
  • Free support outside the warranty period is solely at our discretion.

We encourage you to use the help files in your system. Often, they will contain the answers to your problems.

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