There are two kinds of repairs, Hardware and Software. A specific method is employed where repairs are handled. STEP 1 – open a dialog about the issue. This conversation is where we explore options and discover the root cause of the difficulty, whether software, hardware or both. STEP 2 – a physical examination could be necessary to diagnose or confirm the solution. There is no obligation to this point. STEP 3 – we make a decision to proceed or abandon.

Consulting is important. Often, we’re talking about a quick question over the phone. These are welcome and no costs are involved. Other types of consulting can involve complex¬† projects, like outfitting an office with computers and networking them with a dedicated server . The beginning questions about these types of ventures is usually without cost. As we move into more specifics, costs might apply and everything is open to conversation. Asking a question is not only smart, but is completely free.

Hardware means the actual physical components involved in a computer, laptop, etc. This can include Power Supplies, main board (mother board, logic board), Processor (CPU), Hard Drive, Optical Drive, RAM (memory), Cooler Fans, video adapters, network adapters, etc.

The most common type of software issue is a failure or error in the Operating System (OS). There are different OSs, but the most ubiquitous is Microsoft Windows. The vast numbers of computers run on Windows and there are many different versions. The newest is Windows 10. An operating system is what makes a computer usable. Since it is crucial to the operation of your computer, some problems can render the computer useless. One of the worst situations is where the machine will not start up completely. You may see some kind of blue screen. Often, repairs may be possible by the user. Sometimes a professional has to intervene. A quick call may really help/.

Being a small firm makes it possible to give the very best rates available. It is typical for customers to have a large smile and be quite grateful when their computer is ready. The turnaround time is some of the best you can find. Just call.

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